Bright Lights

This year has already started off amazing. It has already been an amazing second semester of school and with a small break to the Big Apple it haseven better. I was lucky enough to adventure to New York City for St. Patty’s Day last month. I had been to NY before, although I was 8 years old and I had no true appreciation for the city. These four days were unforgettable and I now know where I will be living within the next four years. From the million of people constantly going, going, going to the amazing restaurants and shopping, Manhattan is my dream destination for a house. I was truly inspired by the indiviuality that walked the streets-there was no shame to be who you wanted to be and everyone had their own style. To the classy conservative to wild rebellion every type of person walked the streets of New York. These four days were amazing, but way too short. I’ve already started my NYC piggy bank and I cannot wait to go back!

Vintage scarf worn as headband, Forever21 Poncho, HM dress, Wet Seal Tights, Steve Madden Boots, Handmade beeded bracelet, Tootsies Bracelet, Nordstrom Necklace.


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