Jade and Things


Summer strap

You can’t go wrong with earthy tones, especially in the summer. I love these colors because they really can be worn all year and whether you want to wear them in the summer with a dress or in the winter with a tight you can most definitely rock it. With that said, any piece of clothing and any color or pattern is going to be perfect for these wonderful wedges! At the moment, the strappier the better for me.  I am loving the not so simple wedge and here are a few of my favs all at very affordable prices!

Japanese Garden

Kimono Kraze! I am in love and I was lucky enough to purchase one while in New York. I obviously had to hit the streets of SOHO while in NY and I came across my online obsession, TopShop. There isn’t one in my area so I have had to stick to online browsing until I spotted one in person. This online dream finally became a reality and with three stories of pure bliss, I was blessed to walk out with a couple items.

One of my favorites was this Crochet Flower Kimono.

Im back home and of course I am left with the TopShop online although here is my current obsession:

Topshop Floral Kimono Jacket

I am in love with the exotic touch of a Kimono. The easy throw on jackets can go over anything! In the summer, the light and sheer material looks effortless over a couple layers or even over a tank top with jean shorts!

A more drastic approach to the japanese inspired jacket paired with classic Jeffery Campbell Shoes.

Spring Cleaning

As soon as I got out of school for spring break the first thing on my to do list was go to the beach..although it was rainy and cold and that was obviously not happening. Sitting in my room and looking at the disaster of a closet I had to deal with, I knew it was time to start all over and embark on a weird new adventure. If I am in the mood to organize, I absolutely LOVE it. Thank god it was one of those times. Nothing feels better than emptying everything, getting rid of old clothes, and making the closet feel a little bit more alive. So it was definetely time. I had piles of clothes; stacks of jeans I no longer wore; and accesorries from middle school that I knew I would never dare to put back on.




Bright Lights

This year has already started off amazing. It has already been an amazing second semester of school and with a small break to the Big Apple it haseven better. I was lucky enough to adventure to New York City for St. Patty’s Day last month. I had been to NY before, although I was 8 years old and I had no true appreciation for the city. These four days were unforgettable and I now know where I will be living within the next four years. From the million of people constantly going, going, going to the amazing restaurants and shopping, Manhattan is my dream destination for a house. I was truly inspired by the indiviuality that walked the streets-there was no shame to be who you wanted to be and everyone had their own style. To the classy conservative to wild rebellion every type of person walked the streets of New York. These four days were amazing, but way too short. I’ve already started my NYC piggy bank and I cannot wait to go back!

Vintage scarf worn as headband, Forever21 Poncho, HM dress, Wet Seal Tights, Steve Madden Boots, Handmade beeded bracelet, Tootsies Bracelet, Nordstrom Necklace.